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Cleaning Products

  • Waffletechnology┬« is designed to remove the most stubborn contaminates. Cleaning waffles reach areas where other cards cannot. Waffles remove dirt from within various card readers, including read/write pins within smart card readers.
  • Preventative Maintenance - Schedule regular weekly cleaning
  • Corrective Maintenance - Use anytime a problem occurs or use before calling for service
  • Reduce Errors
  • Reduce hidden costs of service expenses
  • Prolong equipment life

Types Of Products

Insert / Swipe Card Reader

  • Cleans magnetic stripe reader
  • Cleans Smart Chip & Swipe entry readers
  • Field tests have proven if cleaned weekly card read rates improve by as much as 70%
  • Made to ISO standards
  • Effective and efficient self maintenance
  • Use regularly to help reduce costly down time and read errors
  • Cards packed in stay fresh sachets

Air Duster

  • Cleans and removes internal dust from main terminal, Coin mechanisms, Bill Note Acceptors, Weight Scales
  • NCR Air Duster is high quality, 100% NON-FLAMABLE dust and dirt remover
  • Being invertible makes for more varied applications
  • Extension tube for hard to reach areas
  • Safe to use on live equipment and hot surfaces

Universal Surface Cleaner

  • Designed to clean SCO touchscreens, scales and exterior surfaces.
  • Use in conjunction with NCR Lint Free Cleaning Cloth.
  • Anti Static formula
  • Safe to use on all types of screens, touch pads and surfaces
  • No alcohol
  • Added biocide to help control surface germs
  • Non toxic

Note Acceptor Cleaning Cards

  • Cleans Bill Note Acceptors
  • Speeds the payment process
  • Improves bill note acceptance rates
  • Made to ISO standards
  • Effective and efficient self maintenance
  • Regular cleaning helps to extend equipment life
  • Cards packed in stay fresh sachets
  • Carton Quantity: 15 Cards

Datacard CD800 Cleaning Rollers

  • Datacard CD800 ID Card Printer Sticky Cleaning Rollers
  • Available for purchase as individual Rollers