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  • Membership cards
  • Can be used for a variety of purposes, including as player loyalty cards
  • Flexible, low cost way of printing membership cards for your business
  • Can incorporate security features
  • Can incorporate magnetic stripe/barcode etc. for ticketing or redemption purposes

Types Of Products

Car Park Tickets

  • Wide variety of printing options available, such as thermal or non-thermal, magnetic striped and barcoded.
  • The tickets can be used as an advertising tool to promote your brand and or message on the back of the tickets
  • Can be used for car parking, shows, trains etc.

Entertainment / Venue Tickets

  • These tickets have clear colour performance and long preservation
  • Custom print options available with the option of foil or hologram stamping
  • Can be used for sports, concerts, movies, family events, hotel, resorts, theme parks, travel & gaming.


  • Also known as "Admit One Tickets"
  • Can be used for Festivals, promotions
  • 1000 Tickets per roll
  • Security features include: coin rub, serial number and UV Ink
  • 8 Colours available: Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Purple, Red, White & Yellow