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Custom Printed Rolls

  • Promote your brand
  • Advertise products/service specials
  • Gain more receipts per roll
  • Prevent receipt fraud
  • Increase repeat business
  • Explain your return/exchange policy
  • Boost name recognition
  • Recruit employees
  • Survey customers

Types Of Rolls

Refund / Exchange Policies

  • Inform customers your exchange and refund policy
  • Reduce customer complaints & improve customers satisfaction
  • Protect your company's rights and compliance with domestic trade and consumer laws
  • Ultimately, these types of custom printed paper rolls will help reduce staff's handling complaints, thus more time to focus on increasing your company's business profit

Outlet Address & Business Hours

  • Increase your customer's awareness of your nearest outlets/branches
  • Telephone numbers, for customer's convenience to make advance bookings
  • Inform customers of outlets business hours
  • Ultimately, INCREASE your sales and profits with the above information

Company Promotions

  • Custom printed paper rolls to promote new products / services
  • Offer vouchers eg. Buy one - Get one free
  • Generate more instant repeat sales
  • Increase customer loyalty

Company Information / Logo

  • Increase brand awareness via logo and taglines
  • Help to retain your customers - customers will call you instead of your competitor
  • Easy for your customer to locate your shop / website to view your company details by printing website / phone details
  • Custom printed paper rolls help create an overall branded look, together with carry bag, business card etc.